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The Google Adsense Money Checks Or Extra Income Checks-----Part 1 Of 3
Kenneth Echie

Since I have been using AdSense and getting AdSense Money checks, I have come to learn some useful tips that would help you make money with AdSense. These tips, along with the systems in my e-book, helped me increase my AdSense income by 560%. If you are starting, check out these tips before you start using AdSense. If you’re already using AdSense, incorporate these tips into your AdSense program and see your income soar.

This is part 1 of 3 of these tips. You can get the other parts on at my website:> or my AdSense Money E-Book:>

Making Money with AdSense -- Tip #1:
Start now! It’s as easy as falling off a log to generating revenue with Google AdSense. After you're accepted to the program, just add a few lines of html code to your site (Google shows you how once you're accepted) -- and voila!

Within a few minutes, your site will begin displaying AdWords, and so you can start making money. Each day you wait means you don’t make the bucks you could. So start now.

Making Money with AdSense -- Tip #2:
Make content pages for your site -- and put AdWords on them. Assuming your page is a decent one, the more pages you have displaying AdWords, the more money you'll earn.

If you already have a website, display AdWords on more pages.

And always, always, always focus on making more great content pages. I suggest that you budget time each week for creating pages (and sites) on topics you love. You'll find more on creating AdSense content pages in Tip #8.

And it’s especially good if these content pages are very clearly focused. Then, Google will be able to serve highly relevant AdWords to your users. This means your visitors will be more interested in the ads, which results in higher click through rates -- and more money for you!

Making Money with AdSense -- Tip #3:
Whenever you can, use higher paying keywords.

Obviously, you'll earn more if the average AdWord that Google displays pays more per click.

The question is: how do you get Google to display higher paying keywords?

Well, for one thing, don't get greedy and create pages on unrelated keywords just because they pay more. In other words, don't create a page on 'cell phone plans' on your motorcycle tire site just because 'cell phone plans' pays more than ‘motorcycle tires.’

How to find out which keywords pay best? If you're a Google AdWords advertiser, you can log into your AdWords account and experiment.

If you're not an AdWords advertiser, use a free tool at the pay-per-click search engine, Overture.

Overture’s tool lets you see what advertisers are paying on Overture for each keyword. Sure, Overture and Google don’t pay the same. But they’re not all that different, and this tool can give you a general idea of which keywords will pay more than others.

(Also, don’t’ forget Google’s commission, so you have to allow for their cut on the amount an advertiser pays for each click.)

In closing, I want to say that these strategies can help you maximize your revenue from Google AdSense. Look for my other tips and supercharge your AdSense Income.

So what’re you waiting for? Go to Google AdSense right now, and start getting those AdSense money checks!

Copywrite © Kenneth Echie.

About the Author

Kenneth Echie updates the latest extra income ideas at> You can subscribe to his informative newsletter by sending blank e-mail to
His other websites include:>

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